Wrap it up.

How many Christmases and birthdays do we find ourselves with a pile of gifts and....a huge pile of wrapping paper destined for the bin. Would it surprise you to know that many types of wrapping paper actually aren't even recyclable as they contain laminates and plastics which mean they're destined for landfill. So what's the alternative?

  1. There are lots of super cute (and useful!) reusable alternatives:

  2. - wrapping in newspaper or an old map and tying with natural twine for a rustic look

  3. - why not wrap a gift, in a gift? Try wrapping a larger gift in a scarf or tea towel and tying in a cute knot or bow!

  4. - check out the Japanese art of Furoshiki for some gorgeous ideas on tying fabric wrapping!

  5. - if you're handy with a sewing machine, you can make a fabric drawstring bag. Use it as a gift bag, and then your gift recipient can reuse the bag for storage!

  6. - next time you receive a gift in wrapping paper, hold onto it and recycle it next time you give a gift!

  7. - why not use recycled paper or newspaper , cut into strips and use it to make a cute bow or decoration and just pop it directly onto the gift. Add some recycled ribbon, twine or fabric strips and you've got a gorgeous eco gift!


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