Wipes, wipes, wipes!

Harriet from our Waveney branch explains why she loves reusable wipes and how she uses them with her family 

’Reusable wipes are probably my most used plastic free swap. I use wipes many times a day and have a good selection to choose from. If you are looking to try washable wipes yourself there are many brands of cloth wipe made of different types of fabric to choose from (Cheeky Wipes are becoming quite well known for example) as well as small flannels. Often pound stores have super cheap packs of cotton wash cloths that are ideal stash builders. For a free option I recently cut up an unused tablecloth and some outgrown polo shirts that didn't need edging and are great for a quick face wipe or for cleaning round the house.’ . ‘We use wipes for baby bottoms, children's hands and faces, and for cleaning. I love my cotton flannel ones for hands and face; so soft, large, and they wash really well. We keep them wet in a small container by the highchair and pop them in a wet bag when they’ve been used. You can also store them dry and wet as you need them, it’s totally up to you. For baby's bottom we use ones made from terry towelling because it’s nice and grippy! These just go in with our cloth nappies. All others go in with any wash load along with the usual muslins, bibs, and clothes - easy!’

At Suffolk Cloth Nappies we have wipes and wet bags in all our nappy hire kits and we are always happy to answer questions or offer advice for which options may suit you - just comment below or drop us a message 


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