I admit it... My children have too many toys!

Plastic toys are cheap, easy to come by and attractive to children. Before I started becoming more aware of the damage from plastic I was buying with abandon. So what can be done? I for one certainly won't be throwing them out - they do serve a purpose and last really well. Plastic toys are easy to clean and are often gifted if not bought by us. It would be more wasteful than ever to throw them away and replace them with something non plastic. So what are the options to minimise plastics waste with toys?

1. When you next buy toys buy ones made form other materials e.g wooden toys. These are just as lovely and there are lots out there to choose from. Many people have an entire wooden toy collection and lots of lovely companies stock ethically sourced toys made from many non plastic materials. You can encourage people to gift them too by giving specific birthday lists.

2. Buy toys preloved. Toys are soon outgrown and still have lots of life left when children are done with them. You can pick up plastic or wooden toys preloved at carboots, on the Facebook market place, ebay and other useful selling sites and of course at charity shops. You can also sell them on instead of throwing or recycling them.

3. Buy less. Children really just want time and company to play. I know mine don't really need all the toys that they have!

I have decided through my journey to do a mixture of all of the above, yes we do have plastic toys, but with our second child nearly all preloved or gifted, even our wooden toys are preloved - it's all wasteful otherwise. And, yes, I really am trying to buy fewer toys all round!!

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