The Last Straw...

I’ve been so used to see paper straws around or the opportunity to buy a stainless steel one that I have been shocked when I was given a glass accompanied with a plastic straw recently. A plastic straw, do they still exist? Be vigilant and remember to say: ‘no straw, please’. I know I will.

So, the best way to avoid plastic straws at home or anywhere is just not to use a straw. That’s perfect if you’re going zero-waste, like I am.

Having said that another zero-plastic, zero-waste option is a metallic straw. You can wash and re-use. Perfect! There are even places, like Moorish falafel in Norwich, where they give you the opportunity to buy a stainless-steel straw if you’re desperate to use one with the delicious homemade lemonade.

Finally, paper straws are readily available.

But what about cutlery? Well, I have old plastic cutlery that I am still using when we go for a picnic. The thing is, I wash them after use and re-use until they die out.

I take my normal stainless-steel cutlery to work. Easy to bring back and wash. I have left cutlery at home when rushing in the morning and had to use plastic cutlery available. I take them home, wash and re-use. My daughter has just done the same today when she was given plastic cutlery as it was the last day of school. I’m so proud. So, wherever you are, if you are given plastic, think of bringing home, wash and re-use.

What about when you have loads of guests. I use my normal cutlery, and you could always ask your guests to bring their own but there are other options available like disposable wooden or bamboo cutlery.

Hope you’ve found enough ideas to avoid plastic straws and cutlery. Please, share your own 📷


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