Shop 'til you drop

Bags for life are a staple of today’s shopping experience! They grin at us from the checkouts and subsequently fill our ‘bag cupboards’ at home, but remembering to actually take them with us when we shop is a different matter. At our house we currently have about 6 of them hanging on our front door to ensure we don’t leave home without them. . Plastic bags are only part of the problem though, so many of our household items come wrapped in an abundance of plastic. Here are a few ideas to help combat this: . Shop at a zero waste shop! . These lovely shops are gaining in popularity and allow you to take your own bottles, bags and jars to buy everything from dry goods such as grains, flour, pasta and much more to toiletries and cleaning products. . Of course, not everyone has a zero waste shop on their doorstep so:

Take your own containers when you shop for any weighable items! . Whether this is to the supermarket, market, butchers etc. Many places are more than happy for you to bring your own containers. . There are still many items that cannot be bought in this way so: . Buy in bulk! This limits the amount of plastic packaging used per item. However this is not true for ‘multipacks’ as often an extra layer of plastic is used to hold everything together. . Choose plastic free options. Buy the couscous that comes in the cardboard box rather than the one in the plastic bag. . Shopping online is a whole other challenge. Unlike in the supermarket you aren’t able to see how the items are packaged and pick the most eco friendly. Undoubtedly, when your online purchase squeezes its way through your letterbox it will be wrapped in more than one unnecessary layer of plastic packaging. To combat this, during checkout I have started leaving my seller a little note asking them to help me in my war on plastic and reduce all unnecessary plastic packaging to a minimum. For example, my recent order of cloth nappies came completely plastic free and I have had responses from Frugi stating all orders are sent out in brown paper bags and individual items are wrapped in OXY-biodegradable bags and Neals Yard who confirm all items are packed with biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts. Online shopping will never be guilt free but it can be (almost) plastic free! . Oh and of course, don’t forget your bags for life when you go shopping! . . #suffolkclothnappies #plasticfreejuly


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