Shave the Whales!

Even though I only shave under my arms (epilating my legs) I was concerned about swapping to a "real" razor as I though I'd end up cutting myself to shreds and trying to avoid all the lumps and bumps I have.

However I've been very pleasantly surprised and in 1 year not one cut.

I've even caught my husband borrowing it to give himself a shave, no nicks for him either.

In the UK, we throw away millions of plastic razors each year, so one person can make a big difference, to the planet and save yourself money too.

The link in comments gives some great in depth info

Cost wise a razor could cost between £10-50 more if you go crazy, but you'll break even pretty fast. Blades are super cheap – 100 blades for less than £10, buy the ones that come wrapped in a paper sleeve in a cardboard box. They last at least a month depending on how much you shave.

If you dry your razor and blade after using they will also last longer.

Remember safety razors not flexible like plastic ones. Just take time to get to know how it works and keep an angle of about 30 degrees.

Work up a good lather to help the blade glide, soap is fine for this.

You don't need to push down on the razor, they are a lot heavier than plastic ones and the weight of the razor is probably enough pressure.

Put used blades in a safe metal container and when it’s full, recycle. Check your local area guidelines.

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