Reusable Menstrual Products

Switching to reusable pads and cups for periods. There are so many options out there now for periods, postpartum and incontinence it’s becoming incredibly easy, budget friendly and mainstream to make the change.

Here in Suffolk, we hold two reusable menstrual protection kits and we are always happy to let you have a look at the kits and ask questions. Maybe something to plan with a group of friends?

Breast pads

Reusable breast pads are becoming more and more popular for mums who are breastfeeding and the options (and patterns!) are endless!

Tampons and sponges

You can also get reusable tampons (I’ve seen crochet ones!) now and sponges which are used in the same way. There’s an option for everyone!

Period pants

These are new and coming onto the market where the pad is inbuilt into the knickers. So movement of the pad is minimised and there’s no poppers. Handy for anyone that likes to use pads but does something like biking where poppers can be uncomfortable.


Again, there is a great range of pads out there now to suit every period and budget. These you wear just like a pad, they fasten with poppers and then you wash them. So much more comfortable than plastic pads. You then wash them in your machine. Pads can also be used postpartum and for urinary incontinence. They will cost you more than a cup but still adding up it is a saving, as they will last for years. I have pads I bought 5 years ago still going strong, having been used for periods, two sets of postpartum and while my pelvic floor returns post baby!

There are also pads out there available for urinary incontinence, which are used in exactly the same way.


Cups are often the option everyone thinks of first (Mooncup anyone?) as they have been sold in places like boots for years. The range is currently huge and ever expanding. Cups are inserted and collect menstrual blood and are then emptied. Some people find these a more practical option when out as they can be left for several hours.

This is a great place to start to get recommendations a little more tailored to you.

Cups last approx. 5 years and cost from £15-£30. The saving and waste difference is easy to see. is a wonderful website run by two sisters who have a great selection of products to choose from.


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