Plastic free coffee - brew can do it!

Of course we couldn’t do tea without doing coffee.

Now I’m a little bit of a coffee snob and with 3 small people who think sleep is for the weak quite frankly I need it!

This year has been a big change for us with getting rid of our pod machine because we were struggling with the plastic waste there.

I (Kaya) have several gadgets for coffee, a Hario dripper with reusable insert, a cold brew gadget, a stainless steel cafetiere and a ground coffee machine. My waste is minimal now I’ve got a reusable coffee dripper insert. My next aim is to find somewhere I can get my coffee locally and put into my own jars but I’m struggling so far.

Now from Rose.......we use a stainless steel reusable coffee pod in our Illy coffee machine, it's simple to use and produces just as good coffee (husband is a serious coffee snob!) so basically you put the coffee in the pod, you need to use a small spoon/scoop to prevent spillage and then you use a little tamper gadget to compress the coffee into the pod.

Next you brush, (ours came with a teeny brush) the coffee off the sides so you can screw the lid back on tightly and there you have it, a pod ready to go in the machine as normal.

To reuse you just empty it out, give it a rinse and dry and add the coffee as above. Ours came from eBay but there's loads available for all different makes of machines. They usually come with the gadgets needed, the pod, brush and scoop, we had to buy the tamper gadget separately however, this is definitely needed to get as much coffee in as possible!


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