Lather, rinse, repeat...

Shampoo has been an easy swap in our household and doesn't cost anymore. It's a swap that has many options depending on your main reasons for swapping and how determined you are. There are some great sites and blogs out there to help with ideas and troubleshooting!

1. Refill liquid shampoos and conditioners. The most straight forward way to reduce single use plastic when hair washing is to refill your bottles at a refill or zero waste shop near you.

2. Switch to a bar shampoo and conditioner. This allows you to ditch plastic completely or to go zero waste if you shop locally and buy a packaging free bar. We have two types in our house - SLS free for the children and my short haired partner who shampoos daily (no conditioner for any of these). You can get lovely shampoo bars from theguiltfreesoapery who have 15% off single soap bars and butters for TODAY ONLY if you enter CLOTHNAPPYLOVE at checkout (no discount in shampoo bars - but they are still lovely!). Lush shampoo bars for me - I couldn't get on with SLS free bars for my long, thick, colour treated hair in our hard water area. I hope to try again with these one day. For now the lush bars are fabulous. I have used a few and they all work well. I am able to go an extra day without washing my hair compared to when I used liquid shampoo, my hair doesn't need as much straightening either and I don't use conditioner anymore. Just the occasional drop of argon oil if it is dry (comes in a glass bottle and lasts for ages!)

3. Wash your hair with an alternative product. Hair can be cleansed with bicarbonate of soda and conditioned with apple cider vinegar. Check out some of the blogs and sites below if you want to try this. These can also help with the purge when moving to SLS free shampoo.

4. Stop using products! The ultimate zero waste way to wash your hair is with water alone.

Let us know how you wash your hair in the battle to save plastic - you mught have a solution for someone else!

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