Keeping Clean

No one likes cleaning, it's a necessary chore and often a bore! However I do like chemistry and have always loved using natural products for cleaning. Don't know why I was ever swayed by the lure of chemical products displayed in colourful single use plastic bottles, so although I do not like cleaning I have enjoyed exploring plastic free cleaning alternatives and will try and give you my low down.

STRAIGHT FORWARD SWAP The easiest way to cut plastic in cleaning products is to use a refill product. Many businesses will now refill your lovely eco products. You could use a refill mail order product like Splosh. Or reuse bottles with a concentrated soluble cleaning sachet (I find Iron and Velvet are great!)

MAKE YOUR OWN Using lovely items like lemon juice, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda you can make lovely cleaning products: all natural and easily filled up at local zero waste shops. I found white vinegar in a re-used spray bottle with a couple of drops of essential oil is a great all round cleaner - amazing in the shower to clean glass and limescale and great as a toilet cleaner too! A white vinegar is great for the toilet - let it sit for a bit, then spri kle around some bicarbonate of soda, give a scrub and amazingly clean! My favourite chemistry moment was making toilet bombs! Lots of recipes out there: I used 3/4 cup or bicarb 1/2 cup of citric acid, a few drops of lavender oil and 10 sprays of water. You push this in ice cube trays, let it go hard for 12 hours and then use them as needed.

GO NATURAL Don't forget Gran knows best, we used natural products for years and they really do work.

Whatever your low plastic option is team it with a reusable cleaning cloth or sponge and remember to choose ethical and eco friendly products too, like those from bio d. If in doubt - make your own from the contents of the kitchen cupboard


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