It's Party Time!

This is an idea that I saw on social media and am trying to get going in our Primary School and possibly nursery. The basic idea is to provide families with an option to buying throw away party goods and to hire a box with reuseable items for a basic fee say £10 with maybe a deposit of £5. Money raised goes to the PTA, minus any costs.

The size of box and contents are up to you/ your PTA but here are some ideas:

Basic items: 20 cups 20 plates 20 bowls 2 water jugs 6 trays for food or serving platters/ bowls Birthday bunting

Add ons: Extra placings Cutlery Washable table cloths Washable napkins Balloon alternatives, ie: paper pom poms Additional bunting or decorations Cake plate Provide a washing up/laundry service for £5/10

The plates etc will be plastic as that is still the best child friendly option but choose BPA free and dishwasher safe and if the kits get hired out loads you'll be saving so much waste at each party. You could also ask for donations of the things you need so re-using from the very beginning.

Let us know if you already have one set up or get one going 📷

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