I used to suffer from a soap addiction.... But i'm clean now!

One plastic swap that has been fully embraced in our household is soap and bar shampoo. Our bathroom and shower were full of single use plastic, but now that is greatly reduced. The boys in our house get on really well with SLS free soap (an eco bonus) I have not fund one that works in hard water on my thick and long hair yet, but Lush shampoo bars do the job excellently! As for soap; we now have soap bars instead of shower gel and hand soap; saving lots of single use plastic bottles. They are easily found in local shops and some even come without any packaging at all! Downstairs I still like liquid hand soap (for fancy guests and mucky garden hands) but am pleased that I can reuse my pump action bottle by refilling it from a refill shop recently found in Norwich.

An easy swap, hasn't cost us any extra. Look at your bathroom bottles; could they be your last?

The Guilt Free Soapery


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