Going Plastic Free at Home

It's really good to review the changes we made during and after Plastic Free July 2018. Our sponge scourer, brush and cloth in the kitchen, were all disposable, as were the bathroom/toilet sponge and cloth. Then there was paper kitchen roll, which we used rolls and rolls of.

We've never used disposable wipes for cleaning, as we never had them for nappy changes, always used cloth wipes. As we ran out of things we replaced them with other reusable products: Disposable cloths to 100% cotton dishcloths from a local hardware shop (6 cloths as usually change daily).

General cleaning/ wiping up cloths changed to cut up old T shirts, chopped into different sizes, the edges just roll up so no need to sew them.

A little while later, I invested in our lovely rainbow cloths from Minivivi we don't popper them together now as it's easier for our 2 & 4 year olds to grab a rainbow cloth to clean up. They are brilliant, super absorbent bamboo and a year on going strong with not a paper kitchen roll used since.

Cupboard Love

The Willow Tree Yarnery

Sponge cleaners, replaced by a hemp scrubbing cloth and a hemp soap sock with a pure olive oil soap....I didn't think it would work but it does. We found the little round scrubber a bit too small. Shoe cleaning we've always used brushes or an old t-shirts cloth.

Window cleaning swapped microfibre cloths to old t-shirts, old boxers or the insides of our worn out bumgenius elementals, anything that is fluff free.

In the bathroom we use natural cleaning products, so use our family cloth or reusable nappy wipes to wipe basins, toilet or even clean shower/ bath. They all get thrown in the wash. Our toilet brush, veg brush and cleaning brushes are still plastic, so at some point I will need to re look at these but only when they wear out, there's no point in buying new when old is still serviceable!

Copper pan scrubs are another one for me to look at when my last Brillo pad is gone. There are lots of other ideas out there I haven't tried yet including; old nappy insides as mop heads, knitting or crocheting your own cloths or scrubbies, just re purpose what you already have until it falls apart.... the terry nappies my Mum used for me and my sisters over 40 years ago are finally on their last cleaning legs!!

So a year on and it all works for us, in fact I'd say it's better as the kitchen and bathroom cloths are all washed regularly and our children do more cleaning up without using half a kitchen roll to do it!

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