Don't bottle it - make the switch.

This is a really simple but effective swap to make! Once you've got a reusable bottle and coffee cup, all you have to do is remember to take them with you and you're all set to reduce plastic waste! There's an amazing choice of reusable water bottles out there in a range of materials and to suit your budget. Once you've got one, just fill it up and off you go!

If you run out while you're out and about (especially in this warm weather!) there are loads of places you can fill up. You can download an app called Refill which helps you locate places to fill up, but to be honest if you ask nicely most places are more than happy to help! As with lots of plastic free swaps, this one will also save you money too, bonus! When it comes to takeaway coffee, there's another easy opportunity to avoid plastic. Almost all disposable coffee cups cannot be easily recycled, and even those that are labelled as compostable are difficult to dispose of as they need very specific conditions to break down. So why not just bring your own instead? Again there are tons available. My new favourite is my collapsible cup, as I kept forgetting my larger one and it took up a lot of bag space (which is at a premium with all of my baby's stuff in there too!) but you don't need anything fancy, just a mug from your kitchen will do!

Again this swap is an easy one for reducing waste and saving money in the long run, as many outlets will give you a discount if you bring your own cup! #suffolkclothnappies #plasticfreejuly

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