Don't be clothes minded...

Much of today's clothing is made from virgin plastic. This is problematic not only because 'fast fashion' is something we all contribute to and as a parent it's tricky not to (The other day my son puked in the car and i didn't have a change of clothes with me so i had to grab the cheapest outfit from the nearest super market..... it happens!!) but also because as we wash our clothes these plastics enter the water system. The other main issue is cost, an organic cotton T shirt is more expensive than a polyester one by a significant chunk!

I think we need a bit of a mind set shift in order to reduce the plastic problem in our clothing:

- Buy less........ how many clothes do they REALLY need?

- Wash less...... Getting kids to put their washing in the laundry basket is one thing but does it actually need washing? Airing and spot cleaning clothes saves money, energy and stops micro plastics going into the water supply. Save the washing machine for the really dirty stuff!

- Buy second hand..... charity shops and preloved selling sites are absolute gold mines!

- Re purpose..... old clothes make excellent cleaning clothes, reusable wipes and can even be used to stuff pillows, clothes, punch bags......

- Buy responsibly....when you do buy new clothes do your best to make sure they are responsibly made and sold throughout the supply chain.


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