Ditch the Tea Bag

Plastic is not my cup of tea, but it was in every cup that I drank! I am a tea addict. And I was shocked when I found out that each tea bag contains plastic!!

My innocent and much needed brew was at the cost of plastic being let loose onto the world. Now some swaps I am part way to being happy with and this is one of them. But making simple swaps can mean less plastic, you can go further with the help of lovely shops like the Woodbridge Emporium and make tea a full plastic swap!

I now use loose leaf tea in lovely metal infuses or my infuser teapot (both were requested birthday gifts) and I love my loose leaf tea. You don't need a fancy tea pot though, just a normal pot and a tea strainer (or in a pinch a sieve!). Another popular option is reusable cloth tea bags, much easier to keep in the bag for on the go. Paired with a reusable cup or thermos and loose leaf tea can go anywhere.

Sadly I currently buy my tea from the supermarket as I haven't found a refill close to me, but still feel its a win as it has one foil packet (compared to plastic wrap and plastic tea bags) and this is easily added to my ecobrick. What are you waiting for: drink real tea and beat me to refill loose leaf tea with a visit to Woodbridge Emporium.


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