and Sew It Begins...

We have all heard about microplastics from clothes and material going into the water system when we wash, so we know that we should by cotton clothes, ideally organic fair trade ones! However I for one find this an expensive option, or I can't always find the style or print that I like. I also like to find a bargain and reuse items that would normally end in landfill. So since my youngest came along I have hauled out my sewing machine and made my evenings more fun!

Sewing doesn't have to be hard there are some great straightforward patterns out there that can be downloaded and printed for free!!

You can learn everything from YouTube these days.

You don't need a fancy sewing machine - mine was picked up second hand at a carboot. A singer from the 1970s that does a basic and zigzag stitch.

Fabric doesn't cost much - you can choose to buy new, use what you have at home, up-cycle old clothing items or get things from the charity shops.

My latest project was a dress made from a 100% cotton size 18 dress picked up for £1 lined with an unused moses basket sheet - this even saved hemming the bottom, and gave my girl a 100% cotton outfit for the outlay of less than £1 as I have lots of material left!!

You can choose patterns that allow you to make multiple items (or make the same thing in many fabrics)

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