How a hire kit works

Our kits contain 20 different nappy types and styles on average. Also included are any accesories and additional items you may need. Different kits contain different items as they are constructed from what is available to us, but they will all demonstrate a range of items to fully trial reusable nappies for the time you have them on hire.

Currently (during COVID 19 restrictions) most branches are unable to conduct demos in person, however we are available by message to support you and have fit images and videos available.

Laptop Typing on Bed

Contact your local branch

Locate the branch closest to you and see what kits they have available for hire.


Arrange collection and demo (if required)

Arrange when is best to collect your kit from the branch co-ordinator and organise a demo (post covid restrictions).


Discuss your requirements

Talk through your wants and needs with the volunteer branch co-ordinator to help decide the best options for you.

Signing a Contract

Collect kit and sign hire agreement

Upon collection your branch co-ordinator will have the kit laundered and ready to be hired along with a kit checklist and hire agreement to go through with you.


Choose a free kit to hire

Decide which kit is best to fit your needs.


Enjoy your kit FREE for 1 month

The kit is free to hire for up to one month, though our branches can be flexible in some circumstances. Please don't hesitate to discuss specific needs.

Arrange return at the end of your hire period.