We have local cloth nappy hire branches scattered all over the county of Suffolk, so that we can cater for as many people as possible without you having to travel too far!


Our Branches

Branch co-ordinators

Coastal | Rachel Williams


I'm Rachel. The coastal branch crazy lady. I've got 2 littles who are 4 and 2. Both potty trained so only night nappies these days  😥😥 

Sophia lived in Tots Bots and Eva was the chunkiest heaviest wetter going, so any questions in those areas I'm your lady!
Over here at Coastal we have newborn and birth to potty kits. I also have a cupboard of nappy wonder, or mess as husband calls it  😂 

I'm based in Wilby near Framlingham.
Excuse the random sheep in the photo....I  don't do pictures and this one's reasonable-ish 😂

Waveney  | Kaya Thorpe

Hi I’m Kaya and I run the Waveney Branch.

I have three    small people aged 6, 3 and 2 months. Harry was my crazy tall boy who pushed nappies to the very limits and Elsbeth is the polar opposite and a tiny little dot and Charlotte is our   newest addition!

 I live right over on the east coast in Lowestoft.

We have newborn kits, birth to potty kits and 2 budget kits here. I hate having my picture taken so here’s a very dodgy selfie!!!!!!!

Sudbury  | Kirsty MacKenzie Hill

Hi everyone *wave*

I am Kirsty and I run the Sudbury branch of Suffolk Cloth Nappies. I started out helping with the Bury St. Edmunds branch but then realised that Sudbury had so much interest that we formed a separate branch. I have one daughter who is 5 this year and she wore cloth nappies from around two weeks old. She was a heavy wetter so I have lots of experience in that area!

We have three BTP, one new-born and one night kit available for hire and a demo kit for groups. Currently I have our demo kit on display once a month at our sling library meets.

Ipswich  | Claire Miller


Hello I’m Claire and I also run the Ipswich branch along with Hannah. I have two in cloth, Barnaby who’s 2 and a half, and Roscoe who’s nearly 6 months. 

We started cloth from birth with both and they are pretty heavy wetters so if you have questions on newborn nappies, getting more absorbency, using two part systems or how to get a dry night in cloth drop me a message! 

I’m also a big fan of reusable swim nappies, they’re just a no brainer to save money and landfill, so watch out for my post about that coming up later.

We meet monthly (ish!) at Suffolk Babies in Kesgrave and hope to hold demos at different venues round town soon. If you have questions or problems we also help a lot of people via Facebook messages so please get in touch!

Ipswich  | Hannah Constable-Simmonds

I'm Hannah, Mummy to Reuben nearly 3 year and Amelie 13 months, Mummy also to our other 2 family members Nettie and Digby dogs.

Reuben has been in cloth since he was 2 weeks old and Amelie from her 2nd day. I've just learnt about cloth as I've gone along and by talking to other families mostly online. 
I offered to volunteer a year ago as I wanted to help other families realise there is another option from disposables and to have a try before you buy opportunity. 


We've managed to get the Ipswich group up and running again and in the last year we've got busier and busier. We're hoping that over time it will grow more and we can reach more people right across the Ipswich area.

If you live in the Ipswich area and want to find out more about cloth we try to have a monthly meet up and demonstration these are usually at Suffolk Babies in Kesgrave. We can also organise a demonstation at a time suitable for you if you can't make the monthly meet.

To try out cloth we have 1 newborn kit, 3 Birth to Potty Kits (thanks Coastal and Wavney branches for your loans) and we currently have the Potty training kit too.

The best way to get in touch is through our Facebook page Suffolk Cloth Nappies - Ipswich or leave a comment on here.

See you soon 

Haverhill | Kelly   Woods


Hi I’m Kelly, the leader of the brand new Haverhill branch of the Suffolk Cloth Nappy Library
I’m a new mum to a 6 month old and knew before having him I wanted to try cloth - initially due to the environmental impact of disposables. Once I starting I’ve become a bit of an addict and telling everyone about them (as people who know me will vouch for 😀)
Now I’m hooked on the designs, the ease of using, and we know we are doing our bit for the planet too! I love converting people and helping people learn more and am excited about bringing them to Haverhill so more can try them 💚

Bury St. Edmunds | Annie Brookes


Hello, I’m Annie and I run the Bury st Edmunds branch. I have 1 little one, Elsie (12 months) who is coming along on this cloth journey with me and one not so little one Jack (13) who I haven’t quite convinced to change a nappy yet! 

I Volunteered after trying a loan kit when Elsie was 5 weeks old. Although my journey was not always smooth, I found what works for us and received some fantastic support from the Ipswich girls which spurred me on to follow in their footsteps. 

Elsie is now in cloth nappies full time, day and night and I love that I am saving so many nappies from going to landfill. 

I feel privileged to be able to help other families find what works for them and make Suffolk that little bit  greener. 


Here in bury we have 2 birth to potty kits and 2 newborn kits available for loan. We also meet once a month on a Tuesday in the Apex in Bury st Edmunds for a nappy chat where Cloth veterans and newbies alike are all welcome.

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